The music business can be a tough nut to crack.  Whether you want to manage a band, set up a record label or deal with the many logistical, marketing and administrative tasks of the music industry; we aim to deliver comprehesive courses that impart the key fundamentals of being an effective, successful force within the music industry.

Social media has given the individual a gateway to millions of listeners and contacts, but nothing is as effective as building relationships in person.  Attendees will be given the opportunity to get to know people that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible; such as other aspiring music managers, promoters, record label owners, not forgetting also the course mentors who will share their music industry insights and experience.

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Before I didn’t know where to start, now I have a business plan and clarity about my goals. - Katrina, Glasgow
An awakening of my passion and talent. - Andrew, Glasgow
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to meet likeminded people. - Euan, London
Great singing exercises, really helped my find my voice. - Andy, Troon
I loved getting the opportunity to get up and play with a band. - Robin, Glasgow